My Story
Get to Know Me

I'm Georgia / Gigi / G, and I'm a 25 year old, full time & self taught wedding photographer. Born & raised on the coast, I now live the village life on the Norfolk Broads with my gorg better half. Being a wedding photographer is the best job in the world, and I kind of live for my work. My friends always remind me that I'm pretty extra, but I think I just over enjoy the simplicities in life. When I'm not shooting weddings, you might find me dancing my feet off to some house bangers (shamlessly going for it), effortlessly destroying some obscure 80s classic at karaoke, watching the latest Tarantino film at the cinema, or just at home (my favourite place to be) cooking up some tasty/mediocre comfort food.


5 Favourite Films

Inglorious Basterds
Good Will Hunting
Mystic Pizza
About Time

3 Favourite Songs

'Under Pressure'
David Bowie & Freddie Mercury
Fleetwood Mac
'Say Hello, Wave Goodbye'
Soft Cell
georgia rachael photography self portrait

My Philosophy

1. Connection

I really like getting to know my couples. I'm always emailing them, texting them, or meeting them for a brew, and I love giving my time to them. In doing so, hopefully it encourages you to let your guard down around me - ultimately, resulting in better photos of you living your best life! I think you can always tell from a photograph whether the couple had a good rapport with their photographer. I always want you to be having fun, and I'm not afraid to make fun of myself in the process of getting a laugh outta you. It's nice innit, when a supplier isn't JUST a supplier.

2. Authenticity

Keeping things real is a big thing for me. I shoot what I see, not what I think it should be. There'll be no cheese, no forced romance, and no dictating of your day. Just genuine silliness, genuine emotion, genuine laughter, genuine embraces, genuine tears, genuine hugs, genuine people doing genuine things. We can make some magic during golden hour chasing beautiful light, but it'll all be oh so relaxed. And as the chaos of the day eventually unfolds in to the night, I'll be there in the thick of it, capturing it the way it's aching to be captured. Honestly & authentically.

3. Presence

And because I love to shoot in an authentic way, I'm always discreet - but I'm not invisible. I socialise with your guests on the day, I bust a move alongside you, and I'll even run errands for you during the prep. I'm moral support, I'm a bad joke teller, I'm the one that tries to floss (badly) - I'm involved. This is because I enjoy life, you see. Emotion, laughter, creating images that display your eccentricities, and love for one another. Then there's all the other stuff going on around you that you haven't had time to acknowledge. I'll be there for it all, because that stuff gives me life!