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A photographer, a wife-to-be, and a proper 90s baby.

My name's Georgia, but you can call me G like everyone else does. I live in Norfolk in a fixer-upper with my husband-to-be Luis and our two black rescue cats, Raggles and Rumour. Sundays are my favourite day of the week, and I love to spend them ignoring my phone, going for walks, cooking for a crowd, and completely losing track of time. I'm as laidback as they come but excessively polite. Dancing in the kitchen to Wham is like my cardio. Shopping and sipping iced coffee is like my therapy. I love watching re-runs of Top of the Pops and I keep up with the Kardashians unironically. I've been photographing weddings for the past 8 years now and each year gets better. Even after all this time, I still love getting to know all of my couples, witnessing the creative ways they choose to celebrate their love, and devoting my absolute best to their day. I really am lucky.

So if you're looking for a photographer that will laugh with you, dance with you, cheer for you, be there for you, and knows all the words to 'Only You' by Yazoo, well - that would be me. Read more about my style of photography below.

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"A unique but beautiful style of photography paired with her sunny personality and unrivalled professionalism, we couldn’t want anything more."

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Romantic and emotive storytelling imagery.

I love people. I'm not even pretending, I genuinely do. And I think it's this sincerity that allows me to capture the otherwise intangible bits of life going on around me, in both a friendly and unobtrusive way. I'm a firm believer that your wedding story should be told as authentically as possible, by a photographer that wants you to actually be a part of it all, so if there's a drink being spilt or a crowdsurfing guest, I'll be there in the thick of it to capture it all unfolding, while you're busy living in the moment.

My ideal clients are simply just good people with good vibes, that's it. It doesn't matter if you hate the camera or love the camera, if you're extrovert or introvert. You could be wearing feathers on your dress and a purple suit, or raving it up in a hanger in the middle of a field somewhere - I'll take you however you come. Irregardless of the size, the style, the destination or the season, my adaptability and laid back approach ensures that if you're kind people that are planning a day that's authentic to you both, I'll not only tell your story beautifully, but I'll take that feeling and make it last forever.