a wife & a photographer

I’m Georgia, but you can call me G like everyone else does. I live in the heart of Norfolk with my Husband and (fellow photographer) Luis, and our two black rescue cats, Raggles & Rumour. In 2023, we eloped in Las Vegas and got married on the back of a pink cadillac. Not totally conventional, but it’s a good story.

We spend our Sundays together by completely losing track of time and filling our home with people and food. I love cooking for crowds and dancing to the likes of Wham and Erasure in the kitchen. Shopping was once my only form of cardio, but I’ve since introduced running into the equation and now realise there’s nothing quite like that runner’s high. I’m a November baby, and I keep up with the Kardashians unironically. I couldn’t live in this world without music and film, and rather unsurprisingly, musical films. It’staken me 29 years to see the Sound of Music and I’ve no idea why I waited this long. I’m a romantic. I’m nostalgic. I love people. I’m not even kidding – I genuinely do love people. I love all the worst parts of them as well as the best. And I think that’s what brings me back to weddings time and again. The full plethora of human life is on display in these venues and to be witness to it every weekend is much more than a job – it’s truly a privilege.


I’m at my happiest when the focus of a wedding day is on good people and good vibes, and when I’m free to shoot in a way that keeps you present alongside your guests. I want my couples to be at peace knowing that through my immersive documentary-meets-editorial style, I’ll provide you with a collection of images that feel as authentic as they are beautiful.

Whilst I might not be the kind of photographer that chooses to stage moments or force any fun, I can assure you that I am the kind of photographer that can capture an honest feeling & make it last forever. No gimmicks. Just real emotions. Real connections. Real personalities.

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Georgia is a UK based wedding photographer with a focus on authentic storytelling.


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