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Fine Art Albums


There is now more choice and control in designing your fine art album than ever before. Choose from a range of four different sizes, in either square, portrait or landscape, and seven colour choices for your vegan leatherette exterior. On the inside, your 150 favourite images will be printed in high resolution across 40 pages of the most beautifully soft velvet touch Fuji photographic paper, making every turn a luxurious experience.



The Parent Pair


An ideal gift for parents or grandparents that would like a small copy of your album to look back on. When you buy the Parent Pair, you'll receive 2 photo books that are 15x15cm in size, and printed on a matte photo card paper that will mimic the internal design of your standard album. It will also be bound in the same lush vegan leatherette cover, but without the embossed text.

This can only be bought alongside a full size album.



Sustainable & cruelty free.

It has always been essential to me that the products representing my brand have a positive impact, so I've personally selected an album supplier based in Hatfield, England that handcrafts my vegan bound albums from scratch. Everyone is paid fairly along the way, and nothing is imported. It's really a small difference that goes an awfully long way.


The Order


You can request an order for your album via email. Simply let me know you're interested and I can confirm the full cost of the album production for you based on size. Once you've confirmed the size, the colour and the photos you'd like included, I create the internal design for you, so you can just sit back and relax until I'm ready to present you with your first set of proofs.

Approve the Proofs


Once you've approved your proofs via email, or made any changes you wish to make to them, the order then goes into processing where it is handmade here in the UK. Please ensure this part of the process is as quick as possible. It takes hours for me to prepare your albums so the quicker you approve them, the quicker we can get the product into creation for you. Album orders will be cancelled when clients become unresponsive to the process.

Wait for Delivery


Once the album is finished and complete, it will be shipped firstly to me to be checked over, and finally onwards to you. If you provided your mobile number when ordering with me, you should receive text updates on tracking. All in all, the average turnaround from placing your order to receive it is between 4-6 weeks.

Questions & Answers

What are the size and colour options?


The sizes available for your fine art album include: 21 x 30cm, 25 x 25cm, 25 x 35cm and 30 x 30cm. You then have 7 colour choices of your vegan cover, including: white, black, brown, navy, red, green, and burgundy. In my opinion, green is my favourite.

Do you offer discounts for bulk buys?


Sadly there is little to no markup on these albums, as they're so costly to produce, that I'll only ever be able to offer discounts alongside any that the manufacturer's may be running, in which case, I would advertise a sale across the board. I usually announce any sales on my Instagram stories.

How many images can we include?


I recommend around 150 images being the max capacity if you wish to avoid your photos not achieving their full potential within your album. You should aim to feature just your favourite shots for a clean, minimalist design and much better viewing experience.

Can our friends & family buy albums?


Yes they can! All they need to do is reach out to me via email to start the process of purchasing. It's really as simple as I can make it right now, but I'm always working on making it even easier for yourself and your loved ones to buy products from me.