Anna & Adam | Voewood


I always seem to be drawn in by Voewood at Christmas. The majority of my weddings here are in the winter months. This positively festive frivolity belongs to Anna & Adam, and their little boy Fox, who got married on December 22nd. With a top tier team of suppliers – you know exactly who I mean – behind them, their day went off without a hitch. Never before have I been able to say I’ve witnessed a fire show at a wedding, but now, I can.

It’s a shame that ceremonies are being affected by the wearing of face masks (yet again), when we seem so far from the state we were in a year ago. Nevertheless, what registrars tell us to do, we must. Which is reason #12697 to employ a celebrant instead.

Anyway, I digress (woops!). This day was fun. Of course it was, it’s Voewood! Something about this fine, fine venue just attracts people that ‘get it’ – whatever it might be. I never turn down a Voewood enquiry if I can help it, because I know I’d only be missing out. It stands right up there with my favourite venues in the county, and that list consists of just one other venue. It’s just brilliant.

Venue: Voewood | Hair: Flamingo Amy | Makeup: Michelle Bennett | Caterers: Florentina / East Coast Bars