Becky & Paul | Butley Priory


If I could have drawn a blue print for my first wedding of the season, to get me going ahead of what is set to be my most hectic year yet – it would have looked just like this wedding. Becky & Paul’s 11 person micro wedding at Butley Priory in Suffolk, was nothing short of delightfully intimate. Now, sure, I’m a photographer that slightly prides herself on chaos and laughter and the part-AY at a wedding. However, the micro weddings I’ve been blessed with the company of since last summer, have warmed my soul and filled my heart. This particular one just topped the list for loveliness.

On their fourth wedding date, Becky & Paul finally got the chance to tie the knot in front of immediate family only – saving the drama of choosing which friends get to come and which miss out. They’re hoping to do the big shindig next year, when we all hope and pray that the pandemic is merely a sorrow memory, rather than a reality still. Whether or not that happens, and irregardless of if it does, they will come away from this day feeling no doubt just as fortunate as I did. Fortunate to have the right to marriage, the right to people they love having been witness, and the right to share and celebrate a committment made to each other.

I also got to be witness to this. And for that privilege, I’ll be forever grateful. Never have I been made to feel quite so welcomed by two families before. By the end of it, I was fully invested in Becky & Paul and the people that shaped them, as if I had just finished reading a long novel about triumphant love. Our insight, our involvement, as photographers at weddings is second to few honours in this world. I hope, if you’re a photographer reading this, you know just how lucky we are.

Anyway, I digress. This collection of images is for Becky, Paul and their families; to tell the story of them. We all deserve for our stories to be told, shared and celebrated with those we love. I’m so damn happy to be back at it.

Credit where credit is due… Venue: Butley Priory | Florist: Miss Fleur Floral | Makeup & Hair: Charli Smith | Dress: Rosa Clara

butley priory suffolk wedding by georgia rachael photographybutley priory suffolk wedding by georgia rachael photography