Chloe & Josue | Norwich


A city based engagement session wins my heart every time. That, and a gorgeous golden hour of course. You cannot go wrong with this equation, made all the more easier by Chloe & Josue and their incredible connection. After climbing to the top of a multi storey car park with me, Chloe sent me this message when she saw her photos:

“I just wanted to send you a message to let you know we’ve received the photos and we loved them!! They have completely surpassed my expectations. I’ve kind of always been told and believed I was really unphotogenic and for that reason I was DREADING our wedding photos. I kept thinking there would be no good photos of me and it was a bit grey cloud above the day but I am so glad we did this shoot with you because now that cloud has totally been lifted. Thank you SO much for the photos, they mean so much to us and even more to just me because now I know I’m not THAT unphotogenic and for the first time in this two years wedding planning process, I’m excited to have my photo taken.”

Mission accomplished. Roll on 2020, you lot.