a suffolk garden wedding by georgia rachael photography

So G, will you travel for our wedding?


I would love to follow you to wherever your wedding is happening, and I hope my pricing makes it simple to do so. All travel and acommodation costs within mainland UK are included in my standard price.


What if it's overseas?

Oh hells yeah. Please! Shooting a destination wedding is something I want to do a few times a year, if I can. Travel and accommodation are added on top of my normal price for these, but always priced individually based on where & when.


How long have you been in the game?

I've been photographing weddings for some 6 years now, which means I've photographed over 150 weddings in that time, and counting. My skills are entirely self taught, through sheer determination and trial and error. The learning never ends, and I hope, the skills only get better with time.

college farm thetford norfolk wedding by georgia rachael photography

Do you still take formal group photos?


The ones for the Nans, I like to call them. And yeah, I always do the formal photos. It's a necessary part of any wedding day that I like to do super efficiently for all involved. Just let me know who needs to be in them, and the rest is solid.


Are you insured?

Totally. It comes with the territory as a professional photographer to be fully insured with public liability, just in case the worst should happen (which it literally never will).


How soon is too soon to enquire?

It's never too soon to reach out, for real. I shoot between 40 and 50 weddings a year, and those key dates soon get taken up, sometimes two years in advance.

old chapel walpole suffolk wedding by georgia rachael

How do we book you, then?


All you have to do is sign an online contract and pay a £300 deposit in order to secure your date with me. Meaning that when we meet up in person, all of the boring stuff is out of the way with, so we can just sit and talk about how cute your dog / cat / goldfish is instead.


When do we receive our photos?

One thing I can promise you, is that you won't be waiting 6 months before you see your pictures. I have a turn around time of 2/3 weeks - why? Because I am addicted to my job, it's how I get my kicks, and I'm voluntarily up until 3am doing my editing in order for you to see your stuff as soon as possible. That's all.


Can we book an engagement shoot?

Ooo, yes please. You can either book one of these in alongside your wedding, you can book it any time after you've booked your wedding, or you can book it on it's own, before you even have a wedding date. These shoots are £200, and can take place anywhere across Norfolk or North Suffolk.