Pre-wedding Engagement Photography

You're probably rolling your eyes as you land here, thinking out loud that you "really don't need an engagement session" because you're much cooler than that. Plot twist: what if I told you that not only could your engagement session be cool as heck, but it could also end up being a massive help if you're shy, apprehensive or nervous about having your photo taken. Yep. If you wanna stand in a field and look lovely at sunset, that's sick. But if you wanna go eat takeaway pizza and play a game of pool, that's also very, very rad.

A couple (engagement) session can be added to your wedding collection for just £200. You can opt in or opt out of 'em, but you really have nothing to lose by embracing it and booking one. A lot of couples are excited to do them, and I like that. But I also really like it when someone turns up dreading what's to come, and walks away at the end of it having realised that they just spent an hour having fun and being cute, and it didn't kill them! I promise y'all, I make it real easy to not feel silly or self conscious. Come ask me about it!