Wedding photography, for the rule breakers.

Et voila! Welcome to my wedding portfolio. Here you'll find about 100 of my favourite snaps taken over the past couple of years - from the calm of the morning prep, to the chaos of the dance floor. And all the kisses & the glances, the kids hiding behind tables and dogs wearing bow ties in between it. Simply put, just the endless eccentricities of life that you'll find on display at any given wedding day. I hope it's easy to see that I love every single bit of it. I become so utterly absorbed by the atmosphere at a wedding day, because I want your images to be totally immersive. This means that I'm not afraid to get stuck in and say hi to your mates, and to be a (small) part of the madness that may or may not ensue.

You'll see that I'm a big fan of natural / ambient light and hopefully you dig that too, but rest assured, I still know what to do with a flash gun. I'm also sort of anti-formal in the way that I shoot and I kinda like imperfection. I don't stage things, I'm not a clock watcher, and I don't raise my voice to be heard. What you see above is pretty much the way that it actually happened - for real. I seek out light, I interact with guests, I anticipate reactions, I encourage affection, I enjoy a bloody good sunset, and I'm like a moth to a flame on the dance floor. Remember, you can see all of my most recent stuff on my Instagram. And most importantly, if all of the above sounds like your cup of tea, come holla at me.