How to Move Your Wedding from Summer to Winter


COVID-19 (and I promise that will be the last time I mention it) has ruined something this year for every body – I doubt there’s anyone that’s gone unaffected. For me, it’s put my business on hold, but for my couples, it’s thrown the best day of their lives out of whack. And I’m not cool with that! It’s hard enough as it is planning a wedding, but for forces completely out of your control to intervine, well, that’s a ball ache and a half. A lot of you have had to postpone your wedding dates, and in order to keep the beaut venues and suppliers that you wished for, have had to move your date from peak summer to out of peak autumn/winter. Planning an AW wedding when your heart was set on the hazy summer sun can be daunting, but fear not. I’m here to tell you exactly why and how you needn’t be sad or worried. Ask any of your suppliers, they’ll rant and rave about AW weddings. Why? Let me tell you…

voewood wedding norfolk by georgia rachael

becketts chapel city wedding norwich by georgia rachael

That low winter light
As a photographer, my life revolves around finding good light. You wouldn’t believe it! So, whilst in the summer we have it for much longer in the day, in the winter, it’s actually much shorter and sweeter. The sun hangs lower in the sky making it look on the verge of golden hour from AM to PM (to quote Christina Millian, who actually liked one of my instagram posts once…)

The colours! Oh, the colours!
If you wander around any woodland in November, you’ll be amazed at the yellows, oranges and red hues before your eyes and below your feet. There’s a reason they always set movies in New York in the Fall. It’s just so gosh darn pretty. So you can believe that your pics will be taken with the most colourful, earthy tones in the background.

The heat is off, so to speak
The summer sun is killer for your suppliers when they’re running around on their feet all day. We’re pros, that’s for sure. But it doesn’t mean we don’t sweat! The cool breezes of the AW sunshine is a total relief for us on a busy day – and not to mention, actually, pretty sweet for anyone wearing a suit or a heavy dress.

The party starts when it gets dark!
Unlike the summer months, where people tend to come in for the first dance and then straight back out to enjoy the evening sunshine, the party will kick off when the sun sets, and that’s much earlier in December. A good chunk of your guests’ evening is spent on the dancefloor in the winter, which makes for a great party and hilarious dancefloor photos.

voewood new years eve wedding norfolk by georgia rachael photographyThese are just a handful of reasons we suppliers love AW weddings, and hopefully, it encourages you to feel as excited as we are about your postponement. However, simply being excited doesn’t make the transition all that easier. There are a few things to consider for your timings when making the switch, that will ultimately help your day come together all that bit better!

Check what time the sun will set
Unlike those summer months, the sun sets usually in the late afternoon, meaning your couples photos might coincide with something like your speeches or your meal. It’s no biggie, as photographers can work with the time they’re given really well, provided that time is allocated in the first place.

Bring your ceremony forward
To avoid having a dark ceremony, consider bringing the time you say ‘I do’ forward to 12-1pm. Yeah, it does mean you’ll have more time to fill during the day, but that can be done. Here’s how…

Be creative with your entertainment
It’s easier to host a summer wedding in blazing sunshine, as guests naturally congregate on the grass with a cocktail and chill. However, you might need to be a bit more creative with how you keep your guests entertained in the cold or dark weather. Consider what you can move indoors – such as giant garden games being moved to an empty room. And then think outside the box for something extra. A good, cheese free magician can work in any weather and astounds guests, as do caracturists, photo booths, glitter bars, beer pong, singing waiters(!!!!), casino tables, karaoke, pinatas, a ceilidh band… you get the picture! The list is endless. Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean you can’t have a proper good time indoors.

You might want to adjust your colour palette
The AW months not only host a great array of colours on trees, but they also help to accentuate different colour palettes better than others. If you were originally supposed to have a Spring wedding, you might have opted for pastel dresses and florals. However, if that’s since been moved to November, think about some earthy, warmer colours such as burnt oranges and reds, or deep purples and burgundy. That also applies to your makeup too – maybe be bold in the colder months and go for a deep, vibrant lip colour.

voewood new years eve wedding norfolk by georgia rachael photography

The overrall message I guess of this post, is to remind you guys just how beautiful weddings are all year around. You might have had your heart set on a wedding in the summer, and I get it, your heart might be breaking a little at the mo. And that’s okay, you’re allowed to feel that way. But I hope this helps you to see the good of what’s to come on your new wedding date. It will always have been the most incredible day, even if it happened on a balcony in a city centre, like it actually has done for some people around the world during all of this. It will have always been incredible, because it’s you and your best friend making a commitment, and that alone is the most incredible thing in all of this, right? Keep that in mind. Stay positive! We’re with you.