How To Secure A Client With One Email


If you’re anything like me, you’ll believe that a lot hangs in that first email response to your potential client’s wedding enquiry. How many times have you received a rad email from a dope couple, sent them your excited response, only to receive nothing at all in return? It just breaks your small business owner’s heart! But folks, the hard hitting reality is that your reply might not set you far enough apart from every one else. When you get client ghosted, it’s never, ever personal, but if it’s happening more than you’re comfortable with, then it might be time to start reevaluating your template reply.

So what’s the deal? Well, in my opinion, there are three crucial things you need to be addressing in that first email…

#1 Show them you’re listening, and make sure all of the obvious questions are answered.

Relay their names, their date and/or their venue to them in the first paragraph of your reply. It sounds painfully simple, but by doing this, you’re personalising their experience with you from the get-go. It goes such a long way with any client to know that they’ve been heard.

Make sure you address your pricing, the booking process, and how they can arrange to meet you within that first reply too. Irregardless of whether all of that information can already be found on your website, don’t let your ego get in the way of supplying that info twice. It’s handy, if nothing else, and stops them from faffing their way back to the specific pages to remind themselves of the process. Simple!

#2 Let them know who they’re speaking to. 

Don’t be afraid to fill your email with your authentic personality. I’m a big believer in people investing in people. We ‘buy into’ stories and brands, and that’s okay. So make sure your personality and your brand comes across clearly in your reply. Throw in some dialect for good measure, or some common phrases you’re always using. The right people will love getting to know you, and the clients that don’t get it are just better suited to other people.

#3 Finish your reply with a promise of speaking again soon.

This is a super confident yet humble way of ending your initial communication with your potential client. By telling them that you ‘look forwarding to hearing from them again soon’ or that you ‘cannot wait to hear more about their plans’ gives them a lead and a reason to follow up their first email, whether that be to book you or just ask your some more questions.

No matter what, always communicate with that potential client as if they already are one. It encourages you to be warm and welcoming, and leaves them feeling like they’re already part of the fam.