Jen & David | The Birdcage


The thing about city weddings, is they’re often so low key and intimate, you end up feeling like you’re chilling at a mate’s party. It was no different with Jen & David’s edgy soiree at the Birdcage in September. Their decision to strip away all formalities and showy-off tradition, encouraged them to take things back to basics. And I loved it.

Jen & David began their day by getting ready together at their home. It was a wildly diverse day, weather wise. We were window watching a lot that morning! Just as the rain kicked off, they headed out the door and in to their friend’s very colourful hatchback. You can’t miss it! With a ceremony held at the beautiful Gallery Room at the Castle, they took themselves and their guests for a short stroll through the city centre, before finishing up at the Birdcage for fish n’chips, courtesy of Norfolk’s finest, the Grosvenor Fish Bar.

These two didn’t walk down the aisle, they didn’t have speeches, and they didn’t have a first dance. It’s not a typical wedding, by any stretch of the imagination. It’s way better than that – cos it’s exactly what they wanted. And trust me folks, whether what you want is big, large and expensive – or small, quirky and intimate, or a blend of it all, the only right way to do a wedding is to be true to yous. That’s my advice, anyway. Here’s to Jen & David.

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