Jess & Max | Ickworth House Micro-Wedding


There’s so much out there on the internet as we speak, reassuring couples that micro-weddings are still well worth opting for given the current restrictions. I could sit here and type out a lot of what I learnt in pre-GCSE persuasive writing, adding fuel to the argument for it. But I kind of figured that Jess & Max’s photos – and their massive, enviable grins – might speak for it all themselves.

Beginning part one of two celebrations, they held their formal ceremony at the always cool-feeling Athenaeum in Bury St Edmunds, shortly followed by a meal at The Ickworth Hall Hotel (p.s. this place is stu-uh-nning). Their ‘big’ big day will happen next year, hopefully when the horrors of 2020 are long behind us, and we can finally get up on to the dancefloor and sway ourselves silly once more. I mean, I do miss the dancing, I guess…

Oh, before I go! The award to the most stylish micro-wedding Bride goes to YOU, Jess. You looked insane.