Katie & Rob | Oxnead Hall

This was wedding number 20 out of 50 so far this year, and up until that point, I’d managed to get away with 19 dry wedding days in a row. That’s definitely a record. However, the dry streak had to come to an end eventually, and it did so when the rain lingered on for Katie & Rob’s day at Oxnead Hall. It’s such a shame it had to be these two, as they had a gorgeous outdoor ceremony planned – but despite all of this being derailed and some last minute changes being put in place, they coped. Not only did they cope, but they thrived. These two were determined to have a good time, and not only them, but their guests were so unphased by the weather! By the time the evening came around, Katie’s dress was muddied with the story of the day for them. Ask any one in the industry and they’ll tell you a dirty dress is the sign of a day well spent.

I was so keen to blog this wedding for you guys because I think it’s a lesson in how to handle bad weather. You’re in control of almost everything on your wedding day, but the weather is one thing that’s so out of your control that you cannot let it stress you out. Sometimes, as K&R now know, your guests might just have to spill outside under umbrellas because the indoor space is too small to fit everyone. It’s something I just know they’ll laugh about for years, rather than getting upset over it. My advice – always have your contingency plans in place. Don’t allow yourself to get caught out the day before. And remember, your happiness is contagious. Do as Rob and Katie did, and guide your guests in the right direction of having a damn good time regardless.

Venue: Oxnead Hall | Florist: Floral Sistas | Makeup & Hair: Stephanie Alexandra | Dress: Alena Leena | Videographer: J Avery Films | DJ & Sax: Club Class UK

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