personalised online education & mentoring sessions


This is 1:1 learning for individuals that want to make a living through their passion for wedding photography. A zero bullsh*t approach with absolutely NO gatekeeping – just real, honest advice and expertise.

As someone who has been there and quite literally done that, I know how it feels to watch on from a distance and in awe of other wedding photographers that are killing it at what they do. And I too have been left wondering if I would ever make it in the same way they had.

The thing is, making it as a wedding photographer means something different to everyone you ask, and almost everyone that finally makes it is already thinking about the next aim they can achieve. So with my online mentoring sessions, I am to focus less on specific end goals and more on the process of bettering ourselves. You could think of my approach as the anti-diet of photography mentoring.

I’ll share with you the proactive advice that you need to sustain your business for the long-term, all whilst personalising your session to suit you. You’ll learn about every aspect of what I do, how I do it, and there will be absolutely no gatekeeping, guaranteed.

There will be no topic that’s off the table with me – from emails to consultations, and gear to taxes. You get to decide what we delve into based on what you’re most hungry to learn about. It’s that simple.

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  • A pre-session questionnaire that’ll allow me to tailor our time for you
  • A detailed reflection and honest feedback of your website & portfolio
  • A no topic-off-limits, in-depth & engaging discussion via video call
  • An ongoing relationship with an industry peer that you can rely on

“Georgia was so friendly and easy to talk to, the whole call felt like a relaxed discussion with a friend I’ve known for years!”


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Book your session in with me for as little as £500 for a two hour call, or I can tailor a six hour session for you across 3 calls for £1200. Simply complete the email form to the right, explain as much as you can about yourself and the areas in which you most want to delve into, and I’ll take care of the rest.

For more information or any questions you might have about my mentoring sessions, please don’t hestitate to reach out to me in a seperate email or by sliding into my DMs on the ‘gram.

I really am always happy to help.