Rose & Dan | The Black Horse


This cool & creative DIY wedding took place in the gardens of the couple’s local, the Black Horse pub on Earlham Road in Norwich. If you know the area well, you’ll know that this isn’t far at all from the city’s Plantation Gardens. It was there that we stopped for some couples portraits after their ceremony. This wedding is particularly unique, and not just because the reception was held in a pub, or because the couple decided to get ready in private without photos. But, what made it unique was – as always – the people behind it. Never before have I been to a wedding where the Groom’s sister & Father, managed to rope every one in to playing a version of (one of my favourite TV shows) Taskmaster. Under the most beautiful festoon lighting, guests were getting competitive with toilet roll and ties. They were totally embracing it and it was bloody good fun!

Here’s a bunch of my highlights from their day…