The Film Presets


The brand new preset I made especially for the 2024 season is now available to buy. It’s for all the film lovers out there who want an incredibly natural, soft and nostalgic feel to their images.

In this collection, you’ll receive one colour and one B&W preset that I also made for you to pair it with – which will help maintain an effective, simple and consistent workflow which can be used throughout a single edit, in all lighting conditions. I believe this is paramount to your ediing and will always keep it simple like this. Whilst they’ve been developed for use with wedding photography in mind, the presets should also be easily adaptable to family and portrait photography too.

The main features of these presets:
– soft, neutral colours
– bright whites and rich greens
– heavy grain effect for added nostalgia

The preset collection is sold as seen as a digital download ZIP file, and therefore remains non-refundable. If you’d like to preview the preset on one of your RAW files before purchasing, please email this to and I’ll happily oblige.