Niamh & Kieran | The Fire Pit Camp


If you regularly follow my blog, you may recognise this couple from their quirky Stamford engagement session earlier this year. Niamh and Kieran’s wedding at The Fire Pit Camp, one of my most anticipated, finally happened last weekend. As I expected, there was so much colour, incredible food, laughter and emotion. The venue is like no other I’ve personally experienced in Norfolk or Suffolk. It was spot on for this Irish pair, that’s for sure. Once the traditional, Irish Catholic ceremony was complete, all formalities were abandoned and these guys just had a damn good time.

I’m a big fan of the way these guys did things. Niamh nailed the idea of adapting ‘Bridal’ to suit her style, and not the other way around. Which a lot of Brides can succumb to. They had what they wanted – from the likes of Sri Lanken street food, to the bangin’ Ska band. Even their first dance was a stroke of genius. They danced to ‘I Ran’ by a Flock of Seagulls. You know, the classic 80s banger?

You all know that I’m a firm believer in being grateful for this job of mine. I feel as though it’s something I ramble on about in every blog. Sincerely however, I feel as blessed for this wedding as always. It’s a total honour to be in and amongst such a momentous day for these guys. They’ve actually ended up becoming two of my favourite people – ever. And now their family and friends, who welcomed me with wide open arms, have too.

Here we go. This one’s for all the rule breakers.

Credit where credit is due… Band: The Superskas | Dress: Rolling in Roses | Bridesmaids: Rewritten | Catering: Kura Kura, Nomadi Pizza | Makeup: Kat Steele | Hair: Leanne Moralee | Florist: Labelle Flowers

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