The Importance of Printing Your Photos


Hello, you. I’ve been wanting to have a word with y’all about this subject for some time now, but what with the whole scary pandemic thing, it hasn’t felt like the right time to engage with you about printed photos. Well, actually, it should’ve been the ideal time, as we (and the world) had time on our hands to reflect on what makes our hearts beat. Now, it’s very easy to walk away from your own wedding day or a recent family session, and feel satisfied with just the digital images. You can update your Facebook profile picture finally, and all is well with the world. However, whilst I’m sure you understand that printed pictures are a good thing, as a photographer, I believe printed images are the best thing you can have, and I’m here to tell you why that is.

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I assure you I won’t remind you of the old ‘your house is burning down, what do you grab…an important photo’ cliché (sorry, I literally said it), but it is slightly true. One thing we’ve come to neglect in this digital age, is palpability. Having 30,000 images stored on our smart phones that we never take the time to look through, seems to have replaced the now nostalgic passtime of flicking through a sticky photo album. I say sticky, you know the type where you’d peel back the plastic and stick the Kodak print you waited 3 weeks to see on? Yeah, that type! I totally long for the memories of my youth, spent head buried in a tatty photo album, and looking up at my Mum in disbelief that she had a life before I was born.

“Errr, Mum. Is that you? With a pineapple on your head?”

Referring fondly back to an image of my Mother on one New Years Eve, this is a joy that I hope kids these days are experiencing in some shape or form. I just really hope it isn’t when they stumble across their parent’s tagged photos on social media. Instead, I dream of today’s youth being able to flip the pages in front of them as their eyes light up.


Technology, as advanced as it may be, never seems to become immune to crashing out completely and taking everything that ever mattered to you with it. I’ve had it happen on a handful of ocassions that clients have asked me to resend their entire collections because a laptop broke somewhere down the line. There’s a dependibility on the printed photograph that you don’t get in tech. The kind of way that, for some of us, asking the robot in our house to play the White Album on Spotify is super convenient, but strolling down to your local record store and purchasing it on vinyl, to then take home, pour a double G&T and put your feet up to listen is incomparable. The vinyl is something you can touch, you can store, you can display, you can physically enjoy – much like the printed photo. It’s permanent place in your home can be found and enjoyed every single time you glance at it.

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Sheer joy

Looking through your images on a screen will never not be enjoyable, of course. But, having your images printed and proudly on display in your home will, in the future, require no effort for the sheer joy of seeing them. They will literally be there every time you walk in to the room, ready to greet you on a bad day and instantly lift your mood back to the happy time pictured before you. How could you not want to fill your home with pure, happy memories? Be good to yourself, cos it’s the sort of ‘ornament’ in the house that can hug you when you need it.

 It’s what’s meant to be

Think about it – photographs were never meant to be seen on a 6 inch phone screen, or a 17 inch laptop. Photographs were meant to be printed all along, since day dot. It’s what’s meant to be, literally fate. Okay, okay, I’m getting a bit too in to it here, but it’s true! If you think your photo looks good on a screen, just wait until you blow it up in to a huge print or a canvas – better yet, a soft, velvet touch album. Treat the photos you cherish with the adoration they totally deserve to have.

It’s an event

Sitting down and choosing the photos you’d like to see in print, can be an event that you and your partner, or your family, can do together. And it can be really bloody enjoyable. As well as that, the act of flicking through an album is an event itself too. It’s an opportunity to bond over memories and it’s all right there at your fingertips.

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Also, they’re pretty rad gifts

Gifting people with printed photos, albums or canvases can literally mean the world to them. I have seen even poorly made prints in cheap supermarket frames bring grown men to tears. Why? These photos hold emotion, like I said earlier. They can give you a hug when you need it, as every time you see it, you’re transported right back to that moment. It’s a bloody magical thing, and an art we shouldn’t lose sight of.

Encouraging my clients to invest in prints is something I’m passionate about. It’s why I offer a selection for free with every wedding. I want them to receive the same enjoyment I get from seeing my work in print. It’s also why I’ve made it incredibly easy to order products directly from client galleries. This means both my clients, and any one they choose to share their private galleries with, have a plethera of products at their fingertips to choose from. And they’re constantly reviewed and added to. Here’s how you can order them…

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Step #1: Head to your online gallery, or your friend’s online gallery. You don’t have to be MY client in order to purchase products, you simply have to have access to the gallery in question. This means you can buy gifts on behalf of your married friends or from their recent family session. Once you’re in the gallery, click on the photo you’d like printed, and look for the ‘BUY’ button in the top right hand.

Step #2: An array of options will be made available to you, which you’ll see on your screen. Choose from a bunch of prints, albums, gifts and more, with descriptions or pictures available on most. And then when you’ve made your choice on how you’d like that photo printed, simply add it to your basket.

And the rest is rather self explanatory! You can continue to shop, or checkout with the one item.

So, if you fancy buying a little kindness for yourself, or gifting a little kindness for someone else, now’s a better time than ever to do it. We’ve been reminded of the importance of memories like never before. Let’s go.