Sarah & Alan | Thetford Forest


Here we are again. Back in to the depths of Thetford Forest for another bloody lovely engagement sesh. I met up with the wonderful Sarah and Alan at High Lodge, alongside their pup pal Brie. A stunning ol’husky dog. This particular plot of trees we strolled through means an awful lot to these two, who’re getting married this year at Chaucer Barn. This is the place that Alan got down on one knee for Sarah. Queue the mental “awwwwws” as you read on.

One thing I can say about this couple, having probably spent around 5/6 hours in the company by now – either I’m absolutely hilarious, or they share an adorably humble connection. I say that because, as you’ll see for yourself when you scroll, they genuinely did not stop laughing throughout this shoot. I didn’t even need to crack my worst jokes. They were enamoured. And honestly, that kinda makes my job a whole lot easier. The 3 of us walked away with aching cheeks by the end of it.

I’m pumped to the freakin’ max to shoot their big day. We’ll be giggling the whole time, I just know it.

So here ya are, their best bits…

Big thanks to Thetford Forest for being so distinctly beautiful.

G x