What to Wear to Your Couple Session


I’ve finally found the time to sit down and compile what I hope you’ll all find to be one of my most helpful blogs! The question gets asked on the regular, “what should I wear to my shoot?” and I think it just makes sense to outline it all in one simple post. A quick and important disclaimer though: the advice that follows is solely my opinion. That’s all! And if none of it suits you – maybe you regularly wear glittery jackets with fringe on the arms, in which case, I really want you to wear that – then that’s okay! This is simply my space to inform you which colours and pattern I think make the most sense as a photographer, with no intention of dulling down your personalities in the process.

So, in a nutshell, if I had to summarise in a sentence what I’d recommend you wearing to your session, it would be this:

Something comfortable, earthy or neutral, and that makes you feel like your best self. That last bit is oh so important, because if you feel good off camera, you’ll glow on camera, too.

Let’s get stuck into it all in a bit more detail…

Co-ordinate your colours

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The word to focus on here is ‘co-ordinate’ rather than match. Matching your outfits looks a bit dated (think back to those pre-millenium sit down portraits your parents may have made you and your siblings do) and can affect the overall aesthetic of your shoot. Simply picking a colour palette of about 3 or 4 colours and co-ordinating it, looks much more effortless and subtle. To find some good colour palettes to play with, it’s worth considering the season you’re shooting in first and foremost, and then maybe use Pinterest to find inspiration and even make a moodboard if that floats your boat.


Neutrals & earthy tones always look good on camera

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When in doubt, always opt for neautral or earthy tones, and everything else will fall into place. These soft, natural colours will work in almost all locations and seasons, and they tend to compliment eachother incredibly well. That being said, there’s nothing all that wrong with bright colours, but the brighter colours do tend to work best in more urban environments. Maybe if you’re having a city based engagement shoot, for example.


Keep it simple / less is more

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That age old cliché really is true, when it comes to couple shoots. Try not to make the photo too busy with over complicated patterns and too many clashing colours. Got a bright dress that you really want to wear and feel amazing in? Perfect! Make it the centre of attention in the shoot, and have your partner opt for something calmer and more subdue to counteract it.


Embrace the seasonal colour palette

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If you know me at all, you’ll know by now that I adore Autumn and all of the colours that this season graces us with. If we’re shooting in the Autumn, it would literally make my day to see you arrive in something of an orange or brown hue to compliment your surroundings. That goes to say for all seasons, of course! If you’re shooting during the Spring season, as an example, think pastel tones and florals.


Wear what gives you confidence

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It is oh so crucial, as I touched on at the start, that you feel good in what you’re wearing. If you’re uncomfortable in your outfit, this can totally affect the way you subconsciously behave during your session, which can have an impact on the end result of your images in return. I want you to look and feel your best during your session, especially if you’re nervous about the whole thing anyway. If there’s a dress you know makes you swish and sway with glee, or a suit jacket that you feel suave as heck in, chuck it on!


Most importantly, be yourself

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The golden rule for styling yourself, right? That’s what fashion is all about, expressing your personality. And irregardless of these tips – and that’s all they are – you should first and foremost be yourself. As Sophie Turner would say… that’s the tea.


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