My Privacy Policy
(the formal way of telling you I won't steal or share your info)

Sup, brewski?

Thanks for checking out my newly updated privacy policy. This is the legal stuff that protects folks like you from any dodgy goings-on. My policy may be updated at any time, so keep that in mind, and by navigating my (rather lovely) website, you agree to the below.

I am the sole party that collects, gathers and sometimes stores any information that you willingly provided to me. This information will never be sold to any third parties, nor will it be used for marketing purposes. I hate spam!

The type of information I request to collect will only ever include to the limit of your full name, mobile or home telephone number, contact email address, wedding date and venue, and details on how you found my website (google, instagram etc.) I only need that stuff because otherwise, without it, I can’t book your wedding date. Sad face 🙁

The contact information provided may then be stored after you touch base with me, for as long as it is relevant. This is usually to carry out any obligations from any contracts that we enter in to, or notify you of any changes to my services.

I personally do not promote myself via any means of email marketing (newsletters or subscriptions), so you should not expect to receive this from me. If in the event I contact you directly, it will only ever be in response to an enquiry you may have made or any photographic services we have agreed upon. All communications are sent directly from me.

Please keep in mind that my website does contain links to other websites run by other vendors. The privacy policy you’re reading applies only to my site‚ and I can’t be help responsible for the privacy policies of others.

Finally, I endeavour to protect any information that you willingly provide to me and will never knowingly provide that to any third parties. That being said, we are out in the scary world wide web, and sadly you cannot always protect everything. My website is a secure place to be, and you can see that from the https:// or the padlock icon in the URL.